Join the Society

Why join?

There are a diverse range of reasons that someone might join the Society. Here are just a few:

  • To strengthen numbers and commonality of purpose.  The Society as a group can do more for the individual than individuals can do for themselves.
  • To access Regional and National bodies to help with advocacy with the Government and DHB for services and supply of appliances.  ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL!
  • To be the “Go to Organisation” for new ostomates and existing ostomates looking for information and help.
  • To be able to provide through existing selected ostomates, guidance and confidence to both pre and post- operative new ostomates, with stoma nurse approval.
  • To satisfy for some the needs of love, affection, belongingness and increasing self- esteem.
  • To provide a recognised body that is able to provide assistance and guidance to student doctors and nurses.
  • To provide social interaction and fellowship between fellow ostomates.
  • A pathway for “giving back” for the benefits that you personally may have received along the way.
  • To receive up to date local newsletters and a National quarterly magazine.
  • Membership allows us to collectively access funds/grants, to hold conferences or assist in research.
  • To share any unique skills or abilities you may have for the benefit of fellow ostomates.


Membership in the Waikato Ostomy Society costs $20 per anum.

How to join

Fill in the form below to join the Waikato Ostomy Society. We’ll get in touch with you to finalise your application in the next few days.